Choosing Concrete Countertops Over Granite Ones

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The countertops of your kitchen are one of the many features that can bring the space out depending on its style and material. Given the different materials available, you will want a sturdy and versatile choice like concrete for your countertop. As one of the more durable materials that you can choose from, concrete countertops make for a cost-effective option for your kitchen. However, you’ll find that there is another material that can be considered on par and that is granite.

Granite is generally considered a more premium option given its natural stone feature and how it can present deep hues and all sorts of natural variations. When comparing the two materials for countertops though you’ll find that concrete is something that you will want to prefer more.

What Makes Concrete Countertops the Better Option

More than being a durable material that can stand well against different elements, concrete makes for a malleable material for different features. When it comes to countertops, they can be fluid in shape and can have all sorts of curves and all sorts of built-ins and embedded objects. These objects can include drain boards, sinks, trivets, or even knife slots. Depending on the service you choose to work with, you can also consult on what other add-ons are possible for your concrete countertop.

Aside from this, what makes concrete so versatile in design for countertops is the aggregate that is mixed into the cement mix. Aggregate is something like sand or crushed limestone that is added to the cement mix to impart specific qualities, like increased strength or a certain colour or texture. An example of a mixture you can do is a mix of neutral pigments and river stones to turn a kitchen counter into a sleek dry riverbed.

Other Concrete Countertop Benefits

One main disadvantage with concrete is that as a porous material, it can be susceptible to staining. Comparing the benefits that a concrete countertop can give you outweighs any cons it may give. As stated, concrete is one of the more durable materials that you can select from and when applied as a countertop there are different ways you can have applied. These two options are a cast concrete countertop or a concrete overlay.

The former involves internal reinforcements such as structural steel, strong fibres, or another material that will hold the slab together. As for the latter, it involves a concrete mixture will be placed over your existing tile or laminate countertops, which is the more cost-effective option of the two. This is because you won’t have to do a complete removal of your existing countertops thus having a smoother process.

To ensure that you have all the possible options available with concrete countertops and have your budget needs met, you will want a professional service group. One suggested group you can choose to work with is Ipswich Concreters.

Consider Ipswich Concreters For Your Concrete Countertops

Ipswich holds numerous different services for different needs and with Ipswich Concreters you can be assured of an experienced service that can provide options to meet your countertop needs. Whatever design you are aiming for, specialists at Ipswich Concreters can ensure that it is met with open communication. Overall, Ipswich Concreters is a reliable service you will want to have in your lists of service options.


A variety of materials are optional for your kitchen countertops but for something that is durable and versatile in design, you will want a concrete countertop. Compared to other materials, concrete countertops can deliver a sturdiness that can also meet your style. To help meet any countertop needs you will want to consider a quality service like Ipswich Concreters. Simply put, concrete countertops make for a stylish and cost-effective feature to choose from for your kitchen.