What Issues and Solutions Come With Concrete Pool Decks

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A pool is a feature that can add visual appeal to any home and having a pool deck can only enhance said feature. With a pool deck, there are many benefits that you can gain in both style and features for your outdoor space. As an outdoor structure, however, it can have a fair share of problems from different elements and conditions. By knowing the different problems and causes for your concrete pool deck, more can be done in terms of its maintenance.

What Problems Can Occur with a Concrete Pool Deck

As a concrete type of structure, a concrete pool deck is generally durable against plenty of elements. Like any other material, however, it does have its weaknesses and different factors can lead to different types of damages to your concrete pool deck.

Common Issues with Concrete Pool Decks

A common problem that can occur with any concrete structure is the development of cracks. Generally, concrete cracks are due to moisture build-up as it is an overall porous material that can be affected by different conditions over time. Because of these cracks, it can lead to the loss of pool water if there is a close connection to the feature.

Some of the common cracks that you will want to look out for include plastic shrinkage, expansion, and heaving cracks. If left unattended, it can end up compromising the overall integrity of the structure. Aside from this, concrete pool decks can also end up suffering from sloping in their structure. This can create an uneven surface and lead to further damage that may lead to needing to replace the deck.

Common Causes to Concrete Pool Deck Damages

When it comes to the cracks that can occur on your concrete pool deck, a general reason for this would be soil movement under the concrete. Any damage to the ground the concrete is laid on, whether it be soil expansion or groundwater movement can lead to concrete cracks.

Other than issues with the ground, however, your concrete pool deck can also be affected by shifting weather conditions. From the intensive heat of summer to the moisture build-up that comes with winter, different fluctuations in the seasons can lead to the material being stressed. Especially without the proper protective measures like sealing or otherwise.

If it’s not the soil or the weather, a problematic concrete pool deck can also stem from a less than reliable installation. Other than this, damages to the concrete of your deck could also be a result of lacking control joints to control any expansion.

Solutions to Consider for Your Concrete Pool Deck

With common problems come general solutions and for concrete pool decks, it generally comes in the form of proper sealing and other related materials. If any of the noted damages are not too extensive that the structure or materials need to be replaced, you have the option to go for solutions like slab jacking or applying a sealant.

Depending on the type of crack, there are different concrete patch solutions that can be used to seal them. If you find the general repair options not viable for your concrete pool deck, it would be best to refer to a professional service group.

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A pool deck can be a versatile and durable structure for your pool space but it is not without its own weakness. Whether it be soil issues or fluctuating weather conditions, there are a number of different factors that can lead to common problems with a concrete pool deck. Such problems include a sloping structure and different forms of cracks.

If the level of damage is not too intensive, however, there are some common solutions that can help prevent any further issues that can come to the structure. By knowing common problems you can also find proper prevention methods for them.