How Decorative Concrete Can Be Applied For Your Business

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With the amount of foot traffic and other elements that a commercial space goes through, a highly resilient flooring to stand against them. Some options that you can go for like vinyl but a popular option for commercial space flooring is concrete. When one thinks of concrete, there generally isn’t much creativity in the material. Concrete, however, does provide versatility in design, especially if it is decorative concrete. If you are considering a choice of flooring for your commercial space, you’ll find that there are different options and benefits that come with selecting decorative concrete.

Options with Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete can be understood as the different methods and styles that can be applied to concrete to enhance a certain aesthetic or bring out certain features. Some of the recommended options for your commercial space are as follows:

Concrete Engraving and Stamped Overlays

As a fairly malleable material during its installation/pouring process, concrete provides the option of having engravings applied as a design. These engravings can range from something simple to something ornate. Engraved concrete can also be applied as geometric shapes to add some structure and texture. This method can also be used to mimic other materials if you wish. With stamp overlays, they can be used to add creative patterns and shapes to your concrete.

Polymer Cement Overlays

This technique uses a blend of cement and aggregates which creates a mix that applies a thin layer over the top of the concrete pour that can add new textures and subtle colours. More than adding durability and enhancing the concrete’s appearance, a polymer cement overlay can prevent the effects of sunlight, weather, and pressure, plus last for years without fading.


A good polish can do a lot for your choice of flooring. With concrete flooring, you can have the surface polished using mechanical grinders and diamond pads. By doing this, it creates a surface with a good amount of shine to it while also making the concrete feel smooth instead of coarse. The polish can even be further enhanced with the addition of stains or dyes. When applying dyes or stains during the polishing process, can create incredibly dynamic patterns and colour schemes. A downside with this method however is that polishing will need to be reapplied over time.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete and How Ipswich Concreters Can Help

Whatever option you choose for your decorative concrete, there are different benefits to be gained with it for your commercial space. Given the different options noted for decorative concrete, you can be assured of the design versatility of the material. Aside from this, you’ll find that having decorative concrete can be a more cost-effective option for your commercial space as they provide a low maintenance finish.

With the different options and benefits that come with decorative concrete for a business, you will want to have a professional service group to provide reliable services that can deliver a hassle-free process for all concreting needs. You can find such a service with Ipswich Concreters and be assured that this group will ensure full customer satisfaction with open communication for the best fitting decorative concrete option.


Commercial spaces have one of the highest amounts of foot traffic and often faces different elements ranging from spills to moving furniture. When it comes to choosing a type of flooring to stand against different conditions that could happen in a commercial space, concrete is a common choice.

More than providing durability, concrete can offer different options in style, especially if you are something versatile like decorative concrete. Decorative concrete can offer different options for different aesthetics while providing affordability with its different techniques. Whether it be stamp overlays or polishing, there are different methods that decorative concrete can provide for your commercial space.