Signs that Your Driveway Need Repairs or Renovations

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Out of the different spaces on your property, your driveway faces the most foot traffic and multiple elements that leave wear and tear you will need to evaluate. There are a number of different types of damages to your driveway and depending on the amount and age of your driveway, it will determine whether a repair or renovation is needed. This is especially applied to a concrete driveway given how it is meant to be one of the more durable materials to choose from and the different features it can have.

What to Look Out For in Your Concrete Driveway

There are different causes for different types of damages and with a concrete driveway, there are different signs you will want to watch out for. One of the more classic types of damages to look out for is cracks. If the crack is less than ¼ inch wide, it can undergo a repair to prevent any further water from seeping in and causing it to deepen. Should the crack be more than 2 inches deep and extend all the way through the concrete to the sub-base, a renovation will be needed.

Another common issue to look out for are sunken areas and divots. Generally, sunken areas that occur outside of your garage, can be repaired. Should there be any sunken areas that cause an issue with the water drainage though, that is a sign of a needed renovation to prevent any damage to the property. To connect to this, you will also need to look out for potholes and if there are more than a few, a renovation may be needed.

With a concrete type of driveway, some erosion on the sides is something that can happen and be repaired with additional edging. When it involves an eroded sub-base resulting from an improper installation though, removal and renovation will be needed. Other issues that you will need to look out for are faded colours and alligator or spider cracks. What makes a need to repair or renovate for your concrete distinct though is if it is less than 10 years old or more than 20 years old respectively.

Some Repair Options for Your Concrete Driveway

While there are multiple signs of damage that you will want to look out for with your concrete driveway, there are also different solutions that you can look at if your driveway simply needs repair. For any damages that involve cracks or discolouration, the repair options that you can go for are concrete resurfacing or concrete engraving. As for those sinking areas in your driveway, you will want to go for a slab jacking. Given the different signs and options for repair, you will want an experienced service to help with all of this, and one such team you can choose is Ipswich Concreters.

Selecting Ipswich Concreters To Help With Your Concrete Driveway

As an experienced service that offers different options to meet your concreting needs, Ipswich Concreters can make for a dependable service to look into whatever repairs or renovations your concrete driveway may need. Being a concreting service that offers reliable professionals to help with any process, you’ll find open communication to ensure all issues are covered and options are given to rectify them.


While a concrete driveway can make for a durable structure, it can undergo plenty of wear and tear due to the large amounts of foot traffic and different elements it goes through. There are a number of different signs you will want to check on your driveway from cracks to eroded sub-bases. Depending on the age of your driveway, you will want to look into the options available for repairs and renovation. By having a professional service group, Ipswich Concreters as an option, you can be assured of a team you can consult for any issues with your concrete driveway. Overall, there is a lot of possible damages your driveway can get but also different options to rectify it.