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A concrete slab is the most essential structural component in a building. It is used to construct flat surfaces like floors and ceilings. The standard thickness of the concrete floor slab is 4 inches. This is often used in residential construction.  A concrete slab is supported by columns, reinforced concrete walls, beams, steel members or the ground.

Since concrete slab helps the building to withstand heavy loads, it must be made with the highest quality of materials. We can provide you with a strong and high-quality concrete slab for your building. Our team have been delivering the highest quality concrete services in Ipswich.

Concrete Slab Primary Use Cases


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Most Common Types of Concrete Slabs

Various types of concrete slabs is used in construction. Listed below are the most general ones used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. For your convenience, we listed the purpose of each slab to give you an insight into how it is used.

Conventional Slabs
Conventional slabs are usually supported with beams and columns, or on walls. The load is transferred to the supporting structural element. It is classified into two types according to their geometry.

  1. One Way Slab: Supported only on two opposite sides only. It carries and transfers the load in one direction.
  2. Two Way Slab: Slabs that are supported on beams on all four sides. It carries and transfers load in both directions. 

Waffle Slabs
This slab resembles a waffle – it has square grids with deep sides. This kind of slab can support a greater load than conventional slabs.

Composite Slabs
Composite slabs are constructed as reinforced concrete cast on top of steel decking that acts as formwork and working area during construction

Flat Slabs
This type of slabs are directly supported by columns or caps – without using beams. Flat slab is easy to construct and requires little formwork compared to conventional concrete slabs.

Are You Considering Concrete Slabs?

There are factors to consider if you’re going to get concrete slabs. It is best to consult an expert to know whether concrete slabs will work for you or not. Below are some pros and cons of concrete slab foundation. 


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • It takes less time to dry
  • Protects your home from pests or termites
  • Minimises risk of damage from flooding or leaking of gas
  • Has a wide range of flooring options
  • It doesn’t take long to construct it
  • Low maintenance


  • Prone to slab cracks
  • No space under the house for HVAC systems
  • Expensive repairs
  • Lower resale value for your property
  • Some people may find it unattractive

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